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Cocktails in 5 seconds…

Cocktails in 5 seconds…

Cocktails in 5 seconds…

Nothing says summer quite like sipping on a cocktail.

And now you don’t have to wait for your tipple either. ‘Cocktails On Tap’ by Frizzenti offer Mojito, Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini, Negroni Sbagliato and Pornstar Martini in seconds!

A dash, in a dash; the founder of the new on-tap-cocktails George Workman, his team and drink consultants Drinksfusion have spent years sourcing quality ingredients from around the world to ensure a decent cocktail without waiting.

George tells Medfed.co: “We believe that whether you are a bartender or discerning cocktail drinker you will love the cocktails we have created. The natural assumption is that on-tap is poor quality and we want to blow that perception away. We are so excited to be serving so many of the nation’s favourite cocktails this summer and as the cocktails are served so quickly, there is never going to be a wait at the bar.”

The dispense system behind Frizzenti’s cocktails is simple – the cocktails are supplied in 20L kegs that attach to any dispense system. They are CO2 or nitrogen injected to ensure a frenzied fizz, too.

Fifty-thousand litres of Frizzenti’s cocktails have been poured at various outlets across the UK, serving 300,000 cocktails and counting, plus they’re not just the reserve of Londoners, they’re served at select bars all around the UK!

Look out the ‘Peppermint bars’ at your next festival this summer!

For more information, visit http://frizzenti.com/cocktails-on-tap/

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