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Well oiled: Olverum

Well oiled: Olverum

Well oiled: Olverum

Having recently been lacking in sleepy time, I turned to a fragranced bath oil, Olverum, to help me relax in the evening and regain a blissful night’s slumber.

This exquisite oil takes its name from the Latin oleum verum (meaning ‘true oil’) – according to its creators, this means it’s the perfect encapsulation of both its quality, and the devotion with which it was created.

Smelling somewhere between an apothecary with lashings of herbal essence, and how you’d imagine an 18th French lady’s finest perfume; it feels like a warm and comforting hug just before bedtime

Dubbed a ‘cult product’, it’s the brainchild of one-time wine maker Franz Otto Klein and has retained its status over 50 years.

Diminutive in size, the Olverum bottles are small but perfectly formed and you’ll only need half a cap-size full to transform your bathing experience.

But it’s more than just an experience confined to the bathroom. Indeed, my entire home had the lush scent lingering through the hallway and kitchen all the way through to the following morning after use.

The oil isn’t too dense either. The small application, with big-hitting scent, leaves the skin feeling smooth but not saturated and – after drying off – it won’t leave an oil mark on clothes or pyjamas.

With the whole house smelling heavenly, my pristine pyjamas and an A-star relaxation experience in the bath, sleepy time just got a whole lot better.


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